We own trailers vary from a normal Flatbed Trailer to Dropdeck Trailers and not forgetting our heavy-duty adult’s Lego, Multi-Axles Hydraulic Modular Trailers.

Low-Bed Trailers

This trailer is used for hauling heavy equipment and material that is over height and overweight for stake trailers. Low-bed trailers are heavily constructed to handle loads of 35 tons or more.

We have the following type of low-bed trailers:

  • 10.5 Feet Width Lowbed Trailer
  • 12 Feet Width Lowbed Trailer
  • 20 Feet Length Lowbed Trailer
  • 40 Feet Length Lowbed Trailer

Flatbed / Platform Trailers

We have a variety of Platform Trailers or Flatbed trailers. Flatbed trailers are used primarily for transporting pipes, crane booms, prefabricated components, wind turbine parts, coils, etc.

We have the following type of Platform (Flatbed) Trailers:

  • 20’ Platform 2 Axles Trailers
  • 25’ Platform 2 Axles Trailers
  • 30’ Platform 3 Axles Trailers
  • 40’ Platform 2 Axles Trailers
  • 40’ Platform 3 Axles Trailers
  • 45’ Platform 3 Axles Trailers

Drop Deck Trailers

Drop Deck Trailers are commonly called the U-Bed Trailer in Singapore and is widely used for transporting overheight cargo.

A Drop Deck Trailer is a trailer on which the floor drops down a level once clear of the tractor unit; the most common types of drop-deck trailer are flatbeds and curtain siders.


A semi-trailer is a trailer without a front axle. A large proportion of its weight is supported by the Prime Mover.

Innovative technology and modern construction and production technologies ensure that semi-trailers set the trends for the future. Semi-trailers are economical transport systems which offer solutions for an extremely varied range of transport tasks. The numerous design variants as well as the comprehensive range of accessories enable you to solve any transport challenge, regardless of difficulty.

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